Internet Advertising Consultant in Vermont

The title of this article is my short answer to the age-old question, “So, what do you do?” If you’re reading this article, chances are good that you’re searching for a Vermont Internet Advertising Consultant to help your business do better on the web. But before I can tell you why IM Vermont might be a great solution for you, I need to make an assumption about your needs based on the fact that you’ve searched for Advertising rather than Marketing.

Internet Advertising vs. Internet Marketing: What’s the difference?

I doubt there’s universal agreement on the difference (or that there is a difference), but here’s one way to draw a line between these two terms:

What Internet Advertising Consulting services are available in Vermont?

Since small business makes up the backbone of VT, you can be sure there is a large number of Internet Advertising Consultants across the state offering a wide array of services.

As mentioned above, IM Vermont specializes in Google Advertising services because of the incredible popularity and reach offered by Google, and the powerful targeting available in its AdWords platform. In addition, three other Pay-Per-Click advertising options spring immediately to mind:

  1. Google AdWords Express, which is a simplified version of AdWords.
  2. Facebook ads, which can be quite effective at driving more engagement and Likes to your company’s Facebook page.
  3. Bing & Yahoo! ads, which was formerly known as the Microsoft adCenter advertising network.

So, are my guesses about your consulting needs in the ballpark? Are you, in fact, on the lookout for help with Pay-Per-Click advertising? I hope you’ll Contact IM Vermont to fill me in on the specifics of your Internet Advertising needs. I gladly offer free one-hour consultations for this very purpose!

No matter what Consultant you use, define your Goals

Whichever consultant you choose to work with, it’s crucial that you do a few things to ensure your Advertising Campaign will be successful:

  • Define Goals. By what percentage do you want sales, traffic, or interaction to increase?
  • Select Key Performance Indicators. These data points will allow you to track progress. For an eCommerce site, you might pick metrics like Cost Per Conversion and Revenue Per Visitor.
  • Measure Return On Investment. Track how much you spend on your Internet Advertising (including your own time, your PPC budget, and your consultant’s fees) and then subtract the total from the revenue generated by your ads.

If you meet or exceed your Goals and maintain a positive ROI, then you’ve probably landed a good Consultant.

Please leave any feedback or questions in a Comment…including your definitions of Internet Advertising and Internet Marketing!