Web Analytics Will Change Your Business


IM Vermont offers Web Analytics Deal that could change your business…and your life

Burlington, Vermont – September 18, 2012

It is rare that a business owner thinks of web analytics as a life-changing enterprise, but that’s exactly how Google AdWords expert, Ben McCarty, IM Vermont, LLC, sees it. For him, understanding web analytics is the philosopher’s stone that unlocks the mystery of why a website works – or doesn’t. An effective website is the key to online success; and success online can change your life. It changed McCarty’s.

[pullquote align=”right”]McCarty is looking for a client willing to invest at least 4 hours a month for in-depth analysis and optimization by himself under the tutelage of Avinash Kaushik.[/pullquote]A self-proclaimed geek who eats spreadsheets for breakfast and lives to get down to the very essence of things, McCarty learned from the inside out how limited time and resources prevent businesses from taking the right actions online. “It has always been a mystery. When Google Analytics [a free service that generates detailed statistics about website visitors] was first introduced, we never had enough data to take action. Businesses ran on faith,” he says.  “Now we have too much data. And we’re still guessing.” Sick and tired of not knowing, McCarty went back to school.

His passion for solving mysteries and understanding the way things work lead him to the feet of the world-renowned Google Analytics guru, Avinash Kaushik, where he will embark on an advanced web analytics master course.

Here’s the deal: McCarty is looking for a company website for his thesis project. He needs one new client willing to invest at least 4 hours a month (October through January), for in-depth analysis and optimization by himself under the tutelage of Avinash, the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google and the world’s premier web analytics genius who literally wrote the book (Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour A Day).

McCarty’s regular rate is $125 per hour for analytics consulting, but this one client will be charged only $100 per hour.  Only one client will be given this opportunity to optimize their website and advertising under the watchful eye of the master.

When properly understood and used, the data revealed by Google Analytics has the power to grow your business and reshape the way you work – online and off. In his way, McCarty is elevating Web Analytics Consulting to an art form. Your company could be the subject of his magnum opus.


Ben McCarty, IM Vermont
Burlington, VT
(802) 448-2844